2K Dual-Mix

The Dual-Mix System

The Dual-Mix System monitors the flow of 2K (two component) coatings to prevent off ratio conditions which result in wasted materials and poor quality finishes.

By using flow meters, Dual-Mix continuously monitors the flow rates and volumes in each stream to maintain the correct ratio of resin to catalyst. Should the ratio vary by a preset amount, a visual/audible alarm is activated and a solenoid valve shuts down the delivery system.

The flow meters are unaffected by pressure fluctuations unlike pressure monitoring systems which can lead to false alarms. Similarly, the flow meters act as a "fail-safe" device to provide complete assurance of continuous on-ratio mix and fluid delivery.

The Dual-Mix not only provides an accurate ratio 2K coating delivery (better than 0.5%) but is also able to provide displays and alarms and print-out a variety of parameters, including flow rates, volumes, temperatures, levels, pot life, shift and operator identity, plus alarm reporting with date and time.


Display & report of:

precise ratio monitoring

total volume A

total volume B

total volume A+B

flow rate A

flow rate B

flow rateA+B

total delivered volume (resettable)

total delivered volume (non-resettable)

plus controlled delivery rate (via closed loop flow control), level, pressure and temperature control

Audio/Visual alarms and Shutdown

off ratio conditions

pot life

pot levels

low temperatures

low pressure

Printer reports

flow volumes and ratios

total consumption of A, B, A+B

shift number, operator, date and time

alarm conditions


RS232, RS485 Serial bi-directional and IEEE 488 Parallel bi-directional interfaces.

Technical Specifications

Mix Ratios: 1: 1 to 300: 1

Flow Rates: 10 to 30,000 cc/min.

Max.Pressure: 250/ 600 bar

Temp. Range: - 20 to + 120 degrees C

Power supply: 110 or 240V AC, 50 Hz

Installation: in Safe, Electrostatic or Hazardous areas

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