DST Magnet Drive Couplings

DST is a specialist manufacturer of permanent magnet drive couplings for gear pumps, rotary piston, centrifugal and liquid ring pumps, as well as agitators, stirrers and mixers.


DST hermetically sealed drives combine the advantages of a maintenance free, failure-proof sealing system with a torque transmission coupling that doesn't wear. If the maximum torque is exceeded, the coupling will break transmission, protecting it from overloading.

This Ensures:

Principal Applications

Pump Manufacturers

Manufacturers are increasingly out-sourcing mag drive production to DST due to their attractive pricing for standard items and special designs

OEMs and end-users

Mag drives for new projects

Agitator, Mixer and Stirrer Manufacturers

mag drives offer considerable advantages by providing gas tight hermetic seals for both top and bottom mounted stirrers and mixers therefore avoiding contamination

Ceramic bearings

DST provide complete ceramic bearing cartridges comprising radial and axial bearings used extensively in centrifugal pumps.

Special coatings

Chemical industries often pump highly aggressive or sensitive media. The wetted rotor in our mag drives can be encapsulated in stainless steel or hastelloy, or coated in PP, PFA or PVDF. Likewise canisters can be similarly coated or made from hastelloy, special plastics or ceramic.

Seal cartridge replacement

Most shaft seals and seal cartridges can be replaced with a mag drive eliminating seal wear and maintenance costs, seal failure and leakage and lost production time.

Individual solutions

DST uses CAD techniques to offer individual solutions for our customers. We can fabricate special components to your specifications at very competitive prices.

DST Mag Drive Conversion Kits



Sm2 Co17 /Nd Fe B



Stainless steel





Temperatures to 350C

Internal pressures to 200 bar

Torques to 2000 Nm

1 Outer rotor - normally keyed on to motor shaft.

2 Canister - provides hermetic seal in stainless steel, Hastelloy, ceramic or plastic.

3 Inner rotor - normally keyed on to pump shaft can be encapsulated or plastic coated.