Flow Meters

Intercontrol represents Kueppers Elektromechanik in the UK.

Kueppers are manufacturers of a wide range of flow meters for the accurate measurement of all kinds of fluids such as fuels, Skydrol, mineral and hydraulic oils, inks, dyes, paints, greases, polyols, isocyanates, glues, pastes, creams, resins, mastics and waxes.

Specialising in flow measurement technology and with a wealth of expertise stemming from over 40 years in the industry, Kueppers are the foremost producer of Flow Meters for any application.

Customer support and technical back up from both Intercontrol and Kueppers are entirely comprehensive, ensuring the smooth running of your meter.

Quality materials and an exacting manufacturing process mean that Kueppers Flow Meters are amongst the most durable, accurate and reliable meters on the market.  

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Flow Meters by Fluid Viscosity

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For fluids of all kind

C-Flow Coriolis Mass Meter

e.g. for PUR and paints

For Medium- to high-viscosity fluids

ZHM Series Gear Flow Meters

for all paints, polyol and isocyanate, coating wax, glue, PVC, filled and abrasive fluids.

SRZ Series Helical Flow Meters

for polyurethane, polymers, sealing materials, petrochemicals, grease, oil, glues, heavy fuel oil.

For Low-viscosity fluids

HM Series Turbine Flow Meters

for fuels, light fuel oil, solvents, demineralized water, pharmaceutical fluids, liquefied gases.

LFM 10 Micro Flow Meter

for additives, pharmaceuticals, aromatic

substances,demineralized water.

For Pure non-aggressive gases and gas mixtures

TGM Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters

For air, hydrogen and nitrogen